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1. I am naturally distrustful. How can I be sure about the way of breeding of BIOGRECO organic chickens?woman chicken bio

The farms of BIOGRECO are probably the single poultry units throughout Greece that are actually open to the public. Whenever you wish, we will be glad to give you a tour at our facilities in order to confirm yourselves the way BIOGRECO organic chickens are bred. You only have to contact us.

2. Why BIOGRECO organic chickens have more intense yellow skin?

The yellow colour of the skin is due to natural colourings contained in corn, which is the most fundamental cereal for the chicken’s diet but also due to fresh grass of any kind where they graze.

3. Why BIOGRECO organic chicken meat is tougher than the conventional ones?

BIOGRECO organic chickens graze daily on organic farms. The temperate climate of Laconia favours their habit. Meanwhile, they grow up slowly, reaching almost three times the age of the respective conventional ones. The toughness in meat is due to these agents exactly.

4. Which is the best way to cook the BIOGRECO organic chickens?

They may be cooked in every ways! However, since the quality and the texture of the meat are different from the conventional ones, you should know certain small “secrets” that you will find in the section recipes and will safeguard your success.

5. Why BIOGRECO organic chickens are so big and often fatter than the conventional ones?

BIOGRECO organic chickens grow up for at least 90 days. The respective age of slaughter for the conventional chickens is usually less than 40 days. This is the reason their size is big (about 2-2.5 kilos) and they often have more fat. Increase of fat along with addition to age is normal and applies for all animals and birds. In organic chickens it is significantly limited due to their continuous movement in the feeding grounds. 

6. What does traceability mean?

Traceability is the ability to monitor and detect a product’s origin by the time of its production and transport. In case of BIOGRECO organic chickens an electronic system of traceability has been designed and applies and on that basis – from the label on the package – we can learn exact elements, such as the producer’s name, the animal feed’s batch that was used, the animal feed’s producer, the temperature conditions from slaughter until the delivery to the store etc. In this way it is assured by 100% the security of the product in order to be sure about the food that reaches your table.